RASMaster 1.10

RASMaster 1.10: Internet reconnection, IP Notifier, dialUp scheduler, keep-alive in one utility reconnection utility, IP notifier, dialup scheduler, and an Internet keep-alive tool into a single utility. RASMaster`s keep-alive and reconnection tools are designed to keep your Internet connection active. The keep-alive feature simulates Internet activity to keep your Internet provider from disconnecting you, while the reconnection tool will automatically re-dial your connection if you are disconnected. The IP Notifier allows you to be notified

Relay Timer PPC 2.2: Programmable timer to control relay  boards with Pocket PC.
Relay Timer PPC 2.2

Relay Timer PPC series are applications for Pocket PC. They run on PPC2003SE, WM5.0 and WM6.0. They are used to control 1-channel, 2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel ProXR relay controller boards of National Control Devices (NCD). It supports Net Work and Com Port connection between Pocket PC and relay board. The conncection status is detected and shown continuously. It will remind after disconnection and auto recover after reconnection.

serial port, relay timer, pocket pc, programmable timer, timer, rs232, com port, relay controller boards

PC SMS Receiver 2.1: Receive SMS text messages on your computer via a cell phone or modem
PC SMS Receiver 2.1

PC SMS Receiver is a software which allows you to receive SMS messages on your PC using GSM/UMTS phone or modem connected to your computer via a cable or Bluetooth or Infrared(IR). PC SMS Receiver can automatically forward received SMS messages via Email and/or HTTP. It can also save received SMS text messages to a text file(s). Automatic reconnection to phone/modem on loss of connection is supported as well as logging events to a text file.

software, messaging, sms receive, gsm sms receiver

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